Apollo 13 cannabis Strain

Apollo 13 cannabis Strain


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The Effect Of Cannabidiol On The Apollo 13 cannabis Strain

What is the Apollo 13 cannabis strain? If you’re a big fan of a mind-blowing trip, then Apollo 13 is definitely going to be right up your alley! Also noted for its high spacey (pardon the pun) high, this particular strain is very much sought after by the cannabis community. Here we’ll take a look at the medicinal uses and some other facts regarding the flowering cannabis plant.

Apollo 13 Cannabis Strain


Just what is the purpose behind the creation of the Apollo 13 cannabis strain? The actual reasons behind the experiment were the result of an experiment that was carried out aboard the spaceship. On the way back from the moon, experiments with marijuana had proved that it did contain a number of marijuana plant matter in it, but scientists were unsure if it contained any harmful chemicals. This was thought to be due to the fact that astronauts were prohibited from consuming marijuana on earth, so they used the opportunity of sampling bud from an extra-terrestrial plant to test this theory.


Scientists involved in the study took six regular marijuana cigarettes and smoked one bud each, followed by a half cup of the cannabis. They then monitored how the body reacted.

When smoke from the cannabis was analyzed later, it was found to contain about twenty-two different chemicals including delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is the compound responsible for the “high.”

The group also noticed that the potency of the bud increased as it continued to be smoked. This would suggest that the higher levels of THC cause more mind-altering side effects.


 Side effects

Some side effects have been noticed in smokers, such as nausea, diarrhea, and altered senses of taste and smell. There are also indications that people become irritated by the effects of the substance and that their vision may become blurred.

If astronauts had tried to smoke the Apollo 13 strain, they could have faced a serious shortage in oxygen and could have died.

In a related experiment, scientists sampled water from the same cannabis plant and tested it against four other types of cannabis.

None of the four produced a significant amount of the active ingredient. The results of the experiment showed that only the Apollo 13 strain contained the THC that caused the side effects. The strains which did not contain THC showed no side effects.

Therefore, the conclusion is that there is no way to tell if the Apollo 13 strain would have had the same effects on astronauts. However, the research has still provided insight into the health hazards of smoking cannabis.

Benefits of Apollo 13 cannabis Strain

In addition to the THC, some of the strains contain other chemicals, called cannabidiol. These are believed to be more effective at combating cancer cells than THC.

While this is yet to be proved in humans, it has been found experimentally that animals do not respond as well to CBD compared to THC. It is therefore believed that a CBD/ THC blend is more desirable for medical marijuana users.

Dosage Guidelines

As with any medication, medical marijuana users need to be careful about buying cannabis with a CBD presence. While many companies advertise their product as containing CBD, this is not always the case.

In addition to containing CBD, some strains contain other chemicals which could act as contaminants and allergens.

It is therefore recommended that anyone looking to buy cannabis for medicinal use does thorough research before purchasing one with CBD.

Smoking marijuana is often combined with drinking alcohol. This combination can lead to a number of different problems. It is known that the combination can reduce the effects of THC, but it is unknown if it also increases the effects of CBD.

Some strains of cannabis are so highly potent that smoking it may actually increase the risks of side effects. Therefore, while a person who has symptoms of certain ailments may benefit from using cannabis, they should first talk to their physician to ensure that it will not have an adverse effect on their condition.


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