Banana Kush

Banana Kush


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Buying Marijuana – What Kind of Strain Should You Use For Medical Marijuana?

Information on Banana Kush Strain: The benefits of Banana Kush. This powerful, effective and affordable fragrance is an all-natural alternative to synthetic dyes. It provides natural relief from stress and gives your body a “kick” while relaxing your mind. This Banana Kush Strain is an exceptional choice for anyone who is looking for a powerful yet natural way to relax and relieve stress and tension. When applied to the skin it produces a warm, soothing feeling and promotes deep relaxation.

Banana Kush


Information on Banana Kush Strain: * The banana kush aroma will remind you of bananas, passion fruit, chocolate and coffee. It is a very sweet, smooth and subtle fragrance with a hint of coconut. This powerful, long lasting fragrance will give you a feeling of euphoria, energy and comfort. It will make you feel like your world has suddenly come to an end and you’re ready to party.


* An intoxicating aroma that is highly praised, Banana Kush contains a high quantity of potent chemicals. Some of these powerful chemicals are found in high levels in this popular strain of medical Marijuana. It is an extremely potent strain of Medical Marijuana that contains mainly Indica Dominant (IC). The banana kush is one of the few strains in the world that contains primarily indica dominant strains of medical marijuana. This means that if you want to get high, this is definitely the way to go! With a high quantity of indica dominant strains, this Marijuana is great for getting high without the nasty side effects that most strains can produce.


* The banana kush will produce a highly intense, and long lasting high that you will not want to stop. This strain of Medical Marijuana is highly regarded and many people consider it to be a favorite for getting high. This is one of the reasons that this strain is so popular. Many people use this strain for a quick pick me up when they feel stressed or as a long term solution for chronic problems.


* If you are looking for a way to relax this strain of Medical Marijuana may be a great option. Many doctors encourage using Medical Marijuana for chronic problems, including chronic pain. Many doctors also encourage their patients to try banana kush strains because they are a little less harmful than many other strains. Therefore, if you have chronic problems, try banana kush and you could reap some major benefits.


* Long term effects of using this strain of Marijuana on some individuals, such as chronic smokers, have been less severe than others. This is due in part to the fact that some people just do not notice the short-term effects, such as euphoria, because they are under a temporary state of bliss. However, most of the time, people who use this type of Marijuana often report feelings of euphoria and relaxation.


* The effects of Banana Kush on the body are very similar to that of Hashimoto’s Disease. You will generally notice your body very tense in the morning hours and you may even experience some sort of mild tremble in your joints. Also, the feeling of paranoia can come over you in the first two days after ingesting this strain of Marijuana. This can lead to paranoia, anxiety, and even feelings of depression. You should be aware that this strain of Marijuana is also addictive. If you do decide to give it up, you will need to make sure that you do so under doctor supervision.


* If you are looking to purchase a good quality strain of Medical Marijuana, you may want to check out the Banana Kush strain. This particular strain has been compared to the famous medical strain THC, but it has been bred to produce a much milder and more flowery type of high. In addition to producing a more mellow buzz, it will also produce a more flowery type of high with the effects being almost a sedative.


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