Dirty Girl Cannabis Strain

Dirty Girl Cannabis Strain


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The Dirty Girl Cannabis Strain

Dirty Girl Cannabis Strain

One of the most well-known strains is the Dirty Girl cannabis strain which is named after a Canadian actress and model Sky hooks. It is a high THC range cannabis strain that produces a sweet and fruity flavor with floral overtones. The plant also has a dark berry like appearance and has a unique and complex flavor.


This particular cannabis strain was developed in the 1980s by a group of Canadian scientists who were trying to create a high thc cannabis strain.

The group was attempting to reproduce a coffee variety trait, but with high THC levels. The result was the creation of a cannabis strain with powerful, flowery and sweet effects.

The name was created after hooking up with a girl called Sky, who smoked a lot of this particular type of cannabis.

The appearance of Dirty Girl Strain

The plant has high concentrations of THC which impart a strong, bitter, sweet, and unique taste when consumed. Some users experience a very unique high which is described as a rotting pineapple or lemons within the first few minutes. Other users describe it as tasting like tropical fruit, honey, cranberries, and chocolate.

When smoked, it produces a very sweet, complex, and floral taste with light, woodsy-woodsy overtones. Other common characteristics of the plant include beautiful golden color, distinctive smells, and a sweet smell.

Some users have described the tastes as tasting like tropical fruit, melon rinds, and chocolate. The plant produces two major types of phytochemicals. The high range contains a lot of these phytochemicals along with a number of other compounds which can be found in different forms such as tea and coffee.

Characteristics of Dirty Girl Cannabis Strain

These distinctive smells come from a number of sources and are often confused with other types of flowers. They are known as citronella and can be quite annoying to those who are sensitive to the smell.

These particular strains tend to produce less potent buds than others which makes them easier to grow and control.

In fact, some people claim that they don’t get as much buzz as some strains which makes them better for people who want to consume less but still get high-quality marijuana.

The second major characteristic of this particular type of bud is that it has a fast flowering period with a short flowering period. It also has a highly developed shape which makes it easy to maintain.

It is named ‘Dirty Girl’ because it is usually kept behind a screen so people do not know what it looks like. The plant is also resistant to some diseases and insects, although this is not fully known. This strain is very popular and is the favorite among many users.

The final major characteristic of this type of marijuana strain is that it produces large amounts of buds in a short flowering period. Some of the other strains tend to produce smaller buds but they are rarely produced to this high quality.

Some users claim that these buds have a better taste and are more enjoyable to smoke than other strains. They can be grown very easily by anybody in their garden, although some users claim that maintaining them requires a lot of care.

Benefits of Dirty Girl Cannabis

This type of cannabis has been described as a unique and powerful strain. Many users find it to be very reliable and highly effective. This type of cannabis has become hugely popular in recent years and is now used by almost every user. If you are looking for a high quality cannabis strain then try the Dirty Girl.

This particular strain is believed to have originated from three separate patients who smoked it on a daily basis. They experienced success. A lot of the strain has been kept back for testing and research purposes and as yet, no significant results have been obtained.

However, it should be noted that all the strains described above are extremely high in potency. They are also all very different from each other. It is common for users to describe them as having a cross between an indica and a sativa. In addition, they may also have traits of having low sugar content.

It is common for users of this type of marijuana to enjoy a flowery high. Many people say that the feel good factor during the Flowery Girl experience is similar to being stoned.

The effects experienced are also said to be similar to being high on cocaine. During the peak time of smoking the buds the user will feel a pleasant sense of clarity and serenity.

However, many users also report stomach concerns while smoking Flowery Girl so a strong stomach should be avoided.

Dosage Guidelines of Dirty Girl Cannabis

When choosing a bud to smoke with this flower, it is recommended that users choose flowery varieties that have a higher percentage of THC. Alternatively, they can try tetrahydrocannabinol in them.

These are the types that produce the “high” feeling when smoking the buds. Users also recommend staying away from high quality cannabis buds that have too much nitrogen in them because they can cause the body to feel nauseous.

Some people claim that Flowery Girl is an excellent choice if you are looking to try a new strain to experience. The high quality and the taste are said to be comparable to that of cannabis flowers.


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